Welcome to Lake Sundance

Hours of Operation:
9 am-4:30 pm

(The office closes at 4 pm)

Park Status - Updated November 22, 2021

DANGER - THIN ICE! The lake is now frozen but the ice is not safe to be on! Thin ice signs have been posted and the lake is closed to all foot traffic.

Guests - Adult members may bring in up to 12 guests/house/day (infants and children count as guests). JR members under 18 years of age may only bring in a max of 3 guests.

Park office - Open 9am-4:00pm. Masks are required.
Washrooms - Both building washrooms are open; summer washrooms are closed for the season. Masks are required in all buildings.

Fishing - Closed due to ice on the lake
Boat rentals from the office - Closed for the season.

Water temperature as of Oct 6/21 - 16°C/60.8°F

Fall Activities
Tobogganing- The small toboggan hill on the west side of the park is open, providing there is enough snow.
-The large toboggan hill facing the lake will be closed until the lake ice is safe to walk on.

Tennis & pickleball courts - Open
Tennis backboard area - Open
Basketball court - Open
Volleyball court - Open

Playgrounds - Open (but they are not sanitized)
Cookshacks & BBQs - Open, max of 12 guests per household
Washrooms at south end of the park -Closed for the season