Welcome to Lake Sundance

Hours of Operation:
9:00 am - 7:00 pm

(Office closed at 6:30 pm)

Park Status - April 14, 2024 @ 10:30am

*Park hours will be 9am-8pm beginning Friday, April 19, 2024

Winter Activities:

Ice Fishing -  CLOSED for the season

Skating is now closed for the season on ALL skating surfaces. 

Tobogganing: *No snowboards, scooters or snow skates

Small Toboggan Hill (Facing Soccer Pitch) -  CLOSED

Big Toboggan Hill (Facing the Lake) -  CLOSED for the season

Disc Golf - Open

Guests - Adult members may bring in up to 12 guests/house/day (infants and children count as guests). Junior members under 18 years of age may only bring in a maximum of 3 guests.

Lake Office - OPEN 9am-6:30pm

Cookshacks & BBQs - Open (wood fires are not permitted)

Playgrounds - Open

Ping Pong - Open

Tennis & Pickleball Courts - Partially Open

Pickleball Court 1 - Open

Tennis Courts & Pickleball Court 2 - CLOSED (covered in snow & ice)

Basketball Court - Open

Backboard Court - Open

Soccer Pitch - Open

Volleyball CourtOpen

Horseshoe Pits - Open

Waterfalls - Off

Lake Fees - Due July 1, 2023. Fees must be paid before members may access the park.

RED Flag is Flying   

The color of the flag will indicate whether the water or ice cover is open or closed.


The flags are not a sole indication of safety conditions or information. 

The Sundance Lake Residence Association closely monitors the lake and lake ice for public use.  Regardless of the Flag Warning System and the presence of a coloured Flag, access and use of lake and lake ice are done at the sole risk of the member or their guests.

You now can enjoy the convenience of registering your guests ahead of your arrival at the Lake! Guest registration forms can now be accessed from your own computer or cellphone.

 This will get you and your guests through the gate and into the park faster by reducing line-ups. It also frees up the staff to assist you with equipment sign-outs or other payment activities that happen in the office. 

There are even more features being added soon, stay tuned!