Welcome to Lake Sundance

Hours of Operations
9 am-10 pm

(The office closes at 9:30 pm)

Park Status - June 17, 2021

Chemical Treatment of Weeds in the Lake
We will be chemically treating the weeds in the lake with Reward on Monday June 21. For safety reasons, the beach and all water activities will be closed for June 21, June 22 and June 23.

Guests - Members may bring in up to 4 guests/house/day (infants and children count as guests)

Park office - Open. Face masks must be worn. No mask, no access.
Washrooms - The washrooms in the building beside the skating rink are open. No lingering in the building. Face masks must be worn. No mask, no access.

Fishing from shore - Open
Boat rentals from the office - Rowboats, kayaks and SUPs are now available. Members will be required to bring their own life jackets, only members from the same household may be in the boat (AHS order), sanitizing wipes will be available for members to clean their boats/oars.

Water temperature as of June 2/21 - 17°C/64°F

Tennis & pickleball courts - Open
Tennis backboard area - Open
Basketball court - Open
Volleyball court - Open

Playgrounds - Open (but they are not sanitized)
Cookshacks & BBQs - Open, please follow AHS guidelines for group limits
Washrooms at south end of the park - Open, face masks required