Welcome to Lake Sundance

Hours of Operation:
9:00 am - 9:00 pm

(Office closed at 8:30 pm)

Park Status - Updated May 9, 2022

Guests - Adult members may bring in up to 12 guests/house/day (infants and children count as guests). JR members under 18 years of age may only bring in a maximum of 3 guests.

Lake Office - OPEN 9am-8:30pm.

Cookshacks & BBQs - OPEN, maximum 12 guests per household per day

Summer Washrooms - CLOSED

Tennis Courts - OPEN

Pickleball Courts - OPEN

Tennis Backboard - OPEN, hockey nets have been put out for street hockey, and a portable pickleball net is available for use in this area as well.

Basketball Court- OPEN

Volleyball Court- OPEN

Boating - OPEN for row boats and paddle boats only

Fishing - OPEN

Reminder: Boating and Fishing close 30 minutes before the Park closes.

Current Water Temperature: 7°C