• Members under the age of 18 may take 3 guests (Non-Sundance Residents) into the park.

  • Adult members are permitted up to a maximum of 12 guests per household per day.

  • If you have less than 12 guests you can sign them in at the gate.

  • Groups of 13-30 guests must be pre-approved by Management and guest lists must be submitted to the office at least 3 business days prior to the function. Guest lists not submitted within the specified time period may not be accepted. Download a copy of our guest list form here.

  • Guests cannot be admitted until the member has entered the park.

  • Members must be present in the park at all times while their guests are using the facility.

  • Members are responsible for their guests at all times.

  • The SLRA reserves the right to limit the number of guests and to refuse guests access to the park.

  • Residents eligible for membership cannot be signed in as guests.


Our guest sign in process has gone digital! We have laptops available at the park entrances for members to use to register their guests. This new system has improved efficiency and has greatly reduced slowdowns at the gate as a result of staff searching for guest names on hand written, illegible lists.