Scuba Diving

  • Members may bring in guests to scuba dive providing all divers are open water certified.

  • All divers must show their certification cards before entering the park with their dive gear.

  • All divers must dive with a certified buddy. There must be at least 2 divers in the water at all times.

  • Divers must use a dive flag so swimmers and boaters will know where the divers are.

  • Divers will be asked to sign in and out at the main gate and they will be asked to sign a waiver of release of liability.

  • Divers will not be allowed to drive their car into the park to unload their gear - they must carry their gear in through the main gate.

  • Members that are certified instructors cannot instruct at the lake unless they work for a facility that has been approved by the Board of Directors. Proof of certification must be provided.

  • Please help stop the spread of Whirling Disease and other invasive species by ensuring that all diving equipment and wetsuits have been thoroughly cleaned (of mud, weeds, etc), washed and allowed to dry for at least 48 hours.