Winter Activities


  • Hockey sticks and pucks are not permitted on the upper rink ice. Hockey rinks will be cleared on the lake ice.

  • Hockey sticks and toboggans may not be taken into the recreation center building. Racks for hockey sticks are provided outside of the building.


  • Tobogganing is permitted in designated areas only.

  • There are 2 toboggan hills - a large hill facing the lake and a smaller West facing hill. For safety reasons, tobogganing on the large hill will only be open when the ice on the lake is safe to walk on.

  • No snowboards, snowskates, snowscooters or downhill skis.

Ice Fishing

  • During ice fishing season, anglers may only fish on the inside of the skating path.

  • Anglers must report any large holes in the ice for safety reasons.

  • Axes and gas powered ice augers are prohibited.

  • Ice fishing closes at dark.

  • Please refer to Fishing for full fishing rules, limits, etc.