Ice Safety

The Lake Staff will be closely monitoring the ice thickness and the condition of the ice during the winter season. Ice fishing and skating on the lake will only be permitted once management determines that the ice is safe and the DANGER THIN ICE signs have been removed.  


Ice doesn’t form uniformly over the lake and is rarely the same thickness over its entire surface. Just because the ice appears safe in one area doesn’t mean that all ice on the lake is safe. There are many factors that affect ice thickness. Some factors affecting ice thickness are:

If you notice any odd looking ice, holes in the ice, steam rising from the ice or wet areas on the lake ice, stay clear and please contact lake staff immediately!

Click below for more information on ice safety and frequently asked questions.

Digital Safety Displays

When will the upper rink be open for skating?

Lake Sundance does not have refrigeration chillers on the upper rink so we are completely weather-dependent. The status of our pleasure rink cannot fairly compare Lake Sundance to other communities that may have smaller, shaded, or chilled rinks.

The upper rink is the first ice sheet to be built at Lake Sundance.  These are the stages in getting it built and open for you:

FLOODED BASE LAYER -  Rink is flooded with a hose.  Requires consistent, consecutive nights of temperatures reaching at least -10 degrees Celsius and days that do not go above freezing.  The ground has to be cold too.  5-7 floods are applied in thin layers to make a solid base layer.

LEVELING FLOODS - Low spots are flooded with a hose.  

RESURFACING -  Zamboni resurfaces the ice  - AS AT DECEMBER 10, 2023

PATCHING - Any major cracks or ice failures are fixed.

FINISHING - Zamboni is used to flood and resurface the ice sheet for use.  


Things that would delay the process:

If it snows during the flooding process our crews have to stop, all snow accumulation must be cleared before flooding can begin again. Snow can impact the quality of the ice as it acts as an insulator and can cause pockets of water and air.

If the ice sheet is vandalized

If the weather warms up and undoes all the work.

Updates regarding current conditions and ice status will be published on our website and social media regularly.

Why can't we use hockey or ringette sticks, rings or pucks on the upper rink?

Leisure skate is typically for families and individuals who want to enjoy the ice and simply skate, it is also very popular with users who are learning to skate. Hockey sticks and pucks are not permitted to ensure it remains a safe, enjoyable place for all skating abilities.  There are also A LOT OF WINDOWS in the upper clubhouse that would not stop a hockey puck. 

Sundance Lake maintains 2 hockey rinks on the lake ice and one dedicated rink on the court that can be utilized for sticks and pucks.

Sadly no, you can not play hockey or ringette on the pleasure rink.   We have to accommodate users who may turn up any time during leisure skate.

And the upper clubhouse has a lot of windows that would not survive a hockey puck or ringette ring.

Sundance Lake maintains 2 hockey rinks on the lake ice and one dedicated rink on the court that can be utilized for sticks and pucks.

When will the ice on the Lake be open for winter use?

There are many factors to consider before the SLRA opens the lake ice for recreational use.

Lake ice thickness – Lake ice is tested weekly (more often if weather fluctuates or we notice inconsistencies) to a minimum of 12 spots throughout the lake. This ensures we have the most accurate information on not just ice thickness by ice quality.

Required minimum ice thickness—there must be at least 10 inches of clear, good-quality ice before the SLRA opens the ice sheet.

Quality of Ice – Clear ice that is relatively free of air bubbles and vegetation. Clear ice is good strong-quality ice. However, on any body of water, ice can be thicker and weaker along the shorelines.

In extremely cold temperatures, ice can crack and weaken, therefore the SLRA has to continuously monitor the lake for crack and changes.

Sundance lake is 40 years old.  The age of a lake and the organic matter on the lake bottom are part of a lakes personality and character.

When will the pathways and rinks be cleared on the lake ice?

There are several factors to consider before we can take equipment onto the ice to begin clearing pathways and making rinks, firstly we need to ensure the load-bearing strength of the ice is consistent to carry our equipment (ice thickness and ice quality).  Once we have stable measurements we will clear the pathways and rinks, set up the lights and benches and begin flooding and resurfacing the ice sheets.  Once we begin this process takes about 72 hours provided that no other variables interfere with the process.

I see the staff on the ice so can I go out too?

If the red flag is flying, No you can not.  We are out there taking measurements and preparing the ice sheet for you.  Be patient and wait for the green flag and then you can be on the ice.

What do I do if I see someone on the ice but it is still a red flag?

Report it to the lake office immediately!  403.256.4728

This is dangerous to the person on the ice and others who might copy them.