Fishing in Lake Sundance is a recreational opportunity for all residents and is not intended to be a frequent Rainbow Trout household food source. Lake Sundance is governed by private regulations and not Provincial fishing regulations. All anglers using the lake are responsible for knowing the rules.


    • All Members angling must leave their own lake ID card at the main gate office before commencing to fish and register all fish taken by themselves or their guests before leaving the park. Fish cannot be given to anyone else to register.

    • Member household may bring in up to 2 non-resident guests into the park to fish.

    • Members and their guests must enter and exit the park together.

    • Members are solely responsible for any infractions by their guests and any infraction will be treated as if they themselves committed it.

    • Members and their guests may each use only ONE fishing rod in the water at a time.

    • All anglers must be within 20' of their rod at all times when it is in the water.

    • During ice fishing season, anglers may only fish on the inside of the skating path.

    • All anglers must remove their garbage from the park or to a proper garbage receptacle. A reminder that smoking is not allowed in the park or on the lake (i.e. in boats).


    • Anglers must report any large holes in the ice for safety reasons.

    • For safety reasons, angling from the shore fishing area is limited to a maximum of 20 people at one time and priority will be given to members so you may want to invite your guests to join you at non-peak times.

    • Watch out for other people when casting.


    • Practice minimal handling & keep the fish in the water at all times (trout need to breath underwater within 30 seconds of being removed from the water).

    • Use of a fish landing net to keep fish in the water when releasing is recommended

    • Need tips for catching & releasing? Click here


    • Live bait excluding minnows can be used for perch only

    • Corn or chumming or spreading of any bait in the water is not permitted

    • Cleaning fish inside the park is not permitted.

    • Axes and gas powered ice augers are prohibited.

    • Fishing closes ½ hour before the park closes. Ice fishing closes at dark.

    • Fishing is not permitted on or within 50 feet of the public docks.

    • Members may fish from the designated shore fishing area or from rowboats and canoes. Boats must remain a respectable distance from the shore fishing area.


    • There is a household limit on Rainbow Trout:

      • 1 Rainbow Trout per household per day

      • 2 Rainbow Trout per household per month

      • 6 Rainbow Trout per household per year

    • No culling of rainbow trout is permitted (culling is tossing back a smaller rainbow trout for a larger rainbow trout).

    • All Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Tiger Trout and Grass Carp are CATCH & RELEASE ONLY (“PROHIBITED SPECIES”). Know your species before you kill. See the end of this post for pictures of the fish present in Lake Sundance.

    • There is no limit on perch - all perch must be kept. Perch are great eating but have stunted. They eat the same natural food in the lake as the trout so “kill a perch and feed a trout”! Please note there are Provincial Laws that may prohibit the transportation of perch over a certain number. Live transportation of any fish species in Alberta is strictly prohibited. If you have a significant number please record the number and request a Bill of Lading from the office.

    • Poaching, which refers to the killing and/or removing of any PROHIBITED SPECIES, or exceeding your household limit for Rainbow Trout, will result in a penalty of:

      • First Offense - 1 year household fishing ban

      • Second Offense - lifetime household fishing ban

    • To prevent waste of rainbow trout, once you have retained your rainbow trout limit you MUST stop fishing for the day.

    • Please report any observed incidence of over-fishing or theft of fish to the office immediately at 403-256-4728. Trout cost $10-$40 each depending upon size. Each household contributes about $7 to stocking. Observed behavior such as taking fish out by others, hiding in clothing, pails or bags will be penalized fully. Please help protect your recreational fishing resource from abuse.

  • Remember to help each other have fun. Share fishing secrets. Help kids catch their first fish!


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Fish Species found in Lake Sundance

Members photos of fish caught in Lake Sundance