Game Formats

Here are some different ways to play a casual round of disc golf with friends!

Stroke Play / Singles

Counting one point every time you throw is the most common form of score keeping and a traditional tournament format. 

Your final score is determined by the total amount of strokes it takes you to complete every hole on a disc golf course.  The winners are determined by who has the lowest score at the end of the course.

Match Play

This is a head-to-head format, where you essentially earn a point for each hole you win over your competitor (whoever has the lowest score on each hole).

“Halve” holes with tying scores.

The goal is to win more holes than your competitors.

Doubles (Dubs)

This is a team format, where you and a partner will play together to create a combined score. There are different types of dubs formats you can play:

Best-Shot Dubs

Similar to a scramble format in ball golf, each player will throw his or her shot from the tee. You choose the better of the two shots and then both throw your next shots from there. You continue until one player has made their disc in the basket. This format produces lower scores, and can also be played with teams of three (trips) or four (quads) for a fast-paced game with low scores!

Worst-Shot Dubs

This follows the same format as best-shot. However, instead of playing your best shots all the way through a hole, you play your worst shot. This is a fun game format that can also be frustrating (in a good way) because most good shots are nullified.

Alternate-Shot Dubs

In this format, you and your partner will alternate shots until each hole is completed.

Skins Game

This is usually played with a foursome.

Each hole is worth a “skin” and the goal is to win the most skins. The player with the lowest score on each hole will win the skin.

If the low score on a hole is a tie between any two players on the card, the skin will be carried over to the next hole. The following hole will then be worth two skins, and skins can keep carrying over until someone wins a hole outright.