Member Code of Conduct





Sundance Lake Residents Association (“Lake”) are committed to maintaining an environment where all members, guests, employees and contractors are treated with respect, dignity and in a fair manner.


Appropriate conduct will not be limited by physical proximity. Expectations are extended to written

correspondence including email, verbal communications, and an online or virtual environment.

This Policy is further intended to deal quickly and effectively with any breaches of Lake Policies, the

current Rules and Regulations, or this Code of Conduct. Incidents will be investigated by management

in a confidential manner with the intent of protecting and respecting the rights of members, guests,

employees and contractors.




This Policy shall apply to and affect all members and guests who are accessing the Lake’s services

and/or facilities.


The Lake deems that upon confirmation of membership and/or payment of fees, there is an

acceptance of this Policy. As per the Lake Rules and Regulations, “The Member shall be fully

responsible for the conduct of all family members and guests who attend the Lake under his or her



Employees and contractors, are additionally subject to and supported by the Harassment and Workplace Violence Policy detailed in the Lake’s Health and Safety policies.


Code of Conduct Expectations


    The use of obscenities, loud, foul, sexualized, racial, or threatening language is prohibited at all times.

    Respect for Lake assets and facilities is a fundamental expectation.

    Our members, their families, and guests will not consume alcohol, cannabis or illicit drugs on the grounds.

    It is important to all stakeholders of the Lake that no form of harassment, discrimination or violence be tolerated. Harassment can involve a single incident, or it may continue over a period of time. Forms of harassment include, but are not limited to:

o   sexual harassment,

o   physical harassment,

o   verbal harassment through jokes, taunting, yelling, degrading language,

o   discrimination, or

o   intimidation in any manner.

        The use of Social Media is encouraged but may not be used to the detriment of either the Lake or a member, guest, employee or contractor.

      Cell phones and all mobile devices and accessories are to be used discreetly and with courtesy to other Lake users.

      Recognition that legitimate management or employee involvement in a situation to ensure understanding and respect for Lake rules or policies is not harassment.




If members, guests, staff or contractors have witnessed or been the recipient of disrespectful

behaviour, the individual is encouraged to report the incident to a member of the management teams

for follow-up.




It is important to note Incidents occurring on or off the property may become associated with a

membership file.


Where an Incident(s) warrants discipline, the discipline would be intended to be progressive in nature

and reflect the magnitude of the transgression, the history of the member and any contributing or

mitigating factors specific to the Incident.


Any reprisals taken against fellow members or employees in any way involved in the incident will not

be tolerated.


The General Manager or their designate has the right to suspend a member for a period not exceeding 12 months. Any such disciplinary measures taken may be appealed by the member to the Board of Directors in writing.


The Board of Directors have the ability to suspend a member for longer than 12 months up to a lifetime ban.