1200 Rainbow Trout from where?

1200 Rainbow Trout arrived in Lake Sundance this week. On average the fish are around 2 pounds each but this season we even added a couple of super-big ones for fun. How big? BIG.

How do 1200 trout make a 2 hour highway trip from Red Deer to Southeast Calgary? See how we do it in this behind the scenes video from our latest stocking of the lake with rainbow trout.

Next fish stocking is planned for the Spring (April-ish)

What are the lights on the water?

During the fall and spring migration we see THOUSANDS of Canada geese visiting Lake Sundance. Sadly, that is just too much of a good thing. That many Canada Geese have had a negative impact on the park and to human health and safety.

This year we are trying out a goose deterrent system. It is a temporary installation of flashing lights intended to specifically target the field of vision of the Canada geese. The Canada geese see these lights as predators eyes and don't linger at the lake as a result.

The intention is to deter enough geese that large amounts of goose feces does not compromise the shore and water. For example goose poop can lead to high levels of E.coli or algal blooms in the water. We are also aiming for less poop in the ice for skating and hockey.

If the lights work, the system will be back out in the spring to deter the number of nesting geese. Improving the cleanliness of the water and human safety on the beach for our Summer season too.

Waterfront Renovation - Phase 2

Concrete is a major component of this project and it's finally in!

Since we are located by a lake, take a look at what's inside our concrete that makes it different than other concrete pours and how it was done.

We have new access to the wharf to make it more welcoming for everyone to enjoy the bigger area at the waterfront boat launch.

Waterfront Renovation Update

Join us behind the scenes in this information video as we recap the progress on our Waterfront Renovation. In this first of three videos, we explain the overall design concept, show the foundation and footings being put in, and the removal of the old docks.

Lake Aeration Project

The installation of an aeration system in the lake is now complete and operating. There are 20 aeration heads set at about 22 feet bubbling air thru the water. The benefits of aeration are anticipated to be a reduction in the weeds and algae in the lake and the chemicals needed to control them. Faster, thicker and more even-freezing of the ice in the winter. Faster break up of the ice in the Spring time, and a healthier fish population. The system runs seasonally and on timers so we can monitor and adjust the system as needed.

Details on the equipment and other fun facts can be found in this information video.

New General Manager

The Board of SLRA is excited to welcome Christie Springs into the new role of General Manager. Christie has 15 years experience in the sport and recreation industry with member based business models. The board is confident that this background, combined with her enthusiasm and personality, will help her succeed in her new role. Please join us in welcoming Christie.

Dock Area Upgrades

As mentioned at the Town Hall in January, we have now begun enhancing and upgrading the dock area! This project is expected to be completed in September.

This Summer look forward to new docks, landscaping and some fun seating arrangements. This will be an area that our Members can enjoy with family and friends.

We appreciate your patience during construction.

Beach Expansion

Our beach and swim area were extended by 75 feet in May to optimally accomodate our valued members. The project was started on May 12/21 and completed on May 14/21.

Do we have your email address on file? Our Articles of Association now allow us to send out invoices via email, which will allow us to be more environmentally friendly, more efficient and reduce costs. If you haven't already signed up for electronic notices and billing, please fill out the form on our Contact Us Page, or you can send your name, address and email address to us at

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