Frisbee vs. Disc info

What's the difference?!


Frisbees are designed specifically for throwing and catching. 

Disc golf discs are designed for only throwing.



A disc golf disc is smaller than a frisbee.  Disc golf discs are required to meet the technical standards that have been created by the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA). The one requirement of the PDGA is that all golf discs must be 21.2 cm long (about 8 inches).

Frisbees are much bigger, measuring around 30.48 cm long (about 12 inches)



Since golf discs are being thrown much harder and further, you’ll find the plastic to be gummier and easier to grip. Whereas Frisbees are typically made of stiffer plastic and weigh less.



A Frisbee has a tall profile and rounded outer edge. Golf discs typically have a thinner profile and a sharper outer edge to increase aerodynamics and distance.



Frisbees are designed more for accuracy to be tossed from person to person. So they weren’t really meant to fly super far or fast.  Frisbees are designed to usually only travel 50 to 100 feet between people.

Disc golfers are usually throwing golf discs around 350 to 400 feet.


Other aspects of a Golf Disc are height, weight, and rim depth which are varied to create different flight characteristics.

When you rent a set of golf discs from the lake office you will get three discs and a scoresheet to play your game with. 

Look closely at the shape of the disc or the label on the front of the disc to see how each disc is intended to fly for you.