Who can be a member?

An encumbrance is registered on the Certificate of Title of all residential properties of Sundance. A "member" is the homeowner(s) and/or their spouse and their unmarried children who are living at the residence. Homeowners may transfer their lake privileges to tenants if they would like. Homeowners and tenants will not both be issued cards.

Can I enter the park if I have not paid my fees?

No. All fees must be paid in full before members may use the park.

How can I pay my fees?

Fees can be paid by cheque, debit or etransfer. Etransfers can be sent to payment@lakesundance.org. Please be sure to include your name and address in the memo section of the etransfer.

What happens if I don't pay my fees?

Interest is charged on all outstanding fees at a rate of 18% per year. Unpaid lake fees are sent to our lawyer for collection. As per the encumbrance, all legal fees associated with collection are charged back to the homeowner.

I am moving. Can I be reimbursed for my fees?

There is an encumbrance registered on all residential properties in the community. Because of this encumbrance, lawyers will need to contact our office to verify payment of the fees before the house can sell. All adjustments for lake fees are made through the lawyers. Please note that if you are moving within the community lake fees are not transferred from one house to the other.

Can I smoke/vape in the park?

Smoking and vaping is not permitted in the park or on the lake.

Can I bring alcohol into the park?

No. Alcohol and other intoxicating substances (i.e. drugs) are strictly prohibited. An immediate one year park suspension is given to anyone breaking this rule. Members are reminded that they are responsible for the actions of their guests at all times.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed in the park. This included pets of lake front and lake access homeowners. Pets are not allowed in the lake, on the water (in a private boat), or on the ice in the winter.

Can I fish?

Yes, members with valid lake cards can fish in the lake from the shore area south of the beach, boat or their own dock if they live lakeside. See fishing rules for fishing limits and which species can be kept. All members (including those in a lake front or lake access home must abide by the fishing limits.

Do I need a fishing license?

No, the Lake is a private facility that carries a Commercial Class 'A' Fish Culture Licence that is specific to the lake and that is all that is required.